Department of Psychology

Introduction :
Established in 1964, the Department of Psychology, originally known as the Department of Experimental Psychology, holds the distinction of being the pioneering Department in Nandurbar District. It offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programs specializing in Clinical Psychology, including doctoral program. Moreover, the Department provides a Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling Psychology (PGDCP). Notably, it houses the sole Research Centre within the purview of the KBC North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon.

  • • To provide high-quality undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Clinical Psychology.

  • • To offer a doctoral program in Psychology, fostering advanced research and scholarly contributions.

  • • To offer a Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling Psychology, enhancing the skills and competencies of professionals in the field.

  • • To promote research activities in various areas of Psychology, contributing to the body of knowledge in the field.

  • • To establish the department as a recognized Centre of excellence in psychological research and practice

  • • Conducting research studies and projects in various domains of psychology, including clinical psychology, cognitive psychology, social psychology, etc.

  • • Providing supervision and mentorship to students pursuing doctoral research in psychology.

  • • Maintaining a well-equipped laboratory for conducting psychological experiments.

  • • Engaging in community outreach programs to raise awareness about mental health and psychological well-being.

  • • Publishing research findings and articles in reputable journals and presenting them at national and international conferences.

  • • Department of Psychology & Research Centre:
    - Two full-time faculties recognized as PG Teacher and PhD Guide.
    - Active engagement in confidential assignments of the University.
  • • Doctoral Research at the Department of Psychology & Research Centre:
    - Currently, four students are pursuing their Doctoral research
  • • Dr. S.R. Surye:
    - Elected as Member on the Board of Studies in Psychology at KBC North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon up to August 31, 2027.
  • • Dr. S.U. Ahire:
    - Selected as a Member of Child Welfare Committee, Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection 0f Children) Act 2015 formulated by the Government of Maharashtra for the area of jurisdiction Nandurbar District.
  • • Student Achievements in BA Psychology Exams:
    - Kulkarni Leena Nilkanth: Stood second in University Merit (April 2021)
    - Mali Vaibhav Sahebrao: Stood third in University Merit (April 2021)
    - Mali Ragini Suryakant: Stood third in University Merit (April 2020)
  • • As a clinical psychologist, you can provide evaluation, diagnosis, and therapy to individuals experiencing mental health disorders across a range of environments, including hospitals, clinics, and private practices.

  • • Being a counselling psychologist enables you to deliver counselling services to individuals, couples, and families, addressing emotional concerns, behavioral challenges, and relationship issues.

  • • In the role of a school psychologist, you can contribute within educational settings by conducting assessments, implementing interventions, and supporting the social-emotional well-being of students.

  • • Pursuing an academic or teaching position allows you to become a psychology professor engage in scientific investigations to explore various aspects of human behavior, cognition, and mental processes.

  • • As a Mental Health Program Coordinator, you can oversee and coordinate mental health initiatives and services within organizations or community settings.


Sr.No. Name of Teacher Designation Qualification Attachment
1 Dr. S.R. Surye Assistant Professor and Head MA, SET, Ph.D.
2 Dr. S.U. Ahire AssistantProfessor MA, M.Ed., SET, Ph.D.