Student Development Cell

Introduction :
The Department of Students’ Development is persistently engaged in developing the personality of student in all spheres of life. It undertakes various student-oriented programs in order to bring out of the hidden talents of the students. The Department also tries to nurture students' mental, physical and cultural growth by allowing students to participate in extra curriculum activities. The primary goal of the Student Development Department is to create a supportive and inclusive environment that promotes student success and holistic development. It collaborates with various campus stakeholders, including faculty, staff, and student organizations, to address the diverse needs of students and help them thrive academically and personally. the department helps students develop essential life skills, fosters their personal growth, and prepares them for future endeavors beyond their academic journey.

  1. 1. Academic Success :

    The department aims to support students in achieving their academic goals by offering academic advising, study skills workshops, tutoring services, and resources that help students excel in their coursework.

  2. 2. Career Development:

    The department assists students in exploring career options, developing job search skills and connecting with employment opportunities.

  3. 3. Personal and Social Development:

    The department fosters personal growth and social development by providing programs and resources.

  4. 4. Campus Involvement and Engagement:

    The department encourages students to engage in campus life and become active members of the college community.

  5. 5. Health and Wellness:

    The department addresses students' physical and mental well-being by providing access to healthcare services, counseling support, and wellness programs.

  6. 6. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion:

    The department promotes a diverse and inclusive campus environment.

  7. 7. Student Advocacy and Support:

    The department serves as an advocate for students' needs and concerns, providing a support system and helping them navigate institutional policies and procedures

  8. 8. Student Conduct and Campus Safety:

    The department plays a role in maintaining a safe and respectful campus environment.

Student Financial Scheme (Individual) -
  1. 1. Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Research Motivation Scheme

  2. 2. Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil Earn & Learn Scheme

  3. 3. Hon’ble Vice Chancellors Medical Fund

  4. 4. Ekalavya Vidyadhan Scheme

  5. 5. Poor Students Aid Fund

  6. 6. Student Safety Insurance Scheme

Regular Activities:
  1. 1. Zonal Level merit collegiate youth festivals “Yuvarang”

  2. 2. Inter College Magazine Competition

  3. 3. University trophy Ekanankika (One Act) Competition

  4. 4. Inter Colleges Mute Court Competition

  5. 5. Drama Presentation Competition

  6. 6. Research Presentation Competition

  7. 7. Debate Competition

  8. 8. Essay Competition

University Level workshop / Seminars/ Training
  1. 1. Disaster Management Training

  2. 2. Student Personality Development workshop

  3. 3. Stress free exam campaign & workshop

  4. 4. Cultural Development Workshop

  5. 5. University Representative Leadership Development workshop

  6. 6. District wise Friendship workshop

  7. 7. Natya Abhivachan workshop

  8. 8. Speech skill development workshop

  9. 9. Powada singing skill workshop

  10. 10. Youth Parliament (Yuva Sansand) workshop

  11. 11. Anchoring skill development workshop

  12. 12. Street Play skill development workshop

  13. 13. S.T.Students Motivational Workshop

  14. 14. Shram sanskar skill Development workshop

Student Leadership Activity: -
  1. 1. College Level Student council

For the college level Activities: -
  1. 1. Globalization workshop or Seminars

  2. 2. Employment skill Development guidance workshop

  3. 3. Personality Development Cell

  4. 4. Stress Management & Guidance cell

Special programme for Girl Students: -
  1. 1. Yuvati Sabha – Workshop

  2. 2. Self Defense (Swayamsidha) Abhiyan

  3. 3. Personality Development Cell

  • 1. Earn and Learn Scheme: Every year around 70 to 80 students from low-income group and reserved category of various departments are selected for this scheme. Work assigned to these students is as follows • Library work - Indexing and stamping on books etc. • Helping and assisting TPO. • Working in the workshop and different laboratories.

  • 2. Poor Students Aid Fund: Every year around 60 to 70 students from low-income group of various departments are selected for this scheme.

  • 3. Mr. Om Raghuvanshi stood Second rank in Best Front Page, (Prerna 2021-22) of Magazine Competition organized by Dept. of Student development KBCNMU Jalgaon.

  • 4. Avishkar is a project encouraging original and critical thinking among the students-In 2021-22 Inter-collegiate Zonal / District Level Avishkar Research Convention was conducted on behalf of university,48 student has participated and 8 students are selected in university level competition.

  • 1. Student Affairs Administrator/Coordinator:

  • 2. Academic Advisor

  • 3. Career Counselor:

  • 4. Residence Life Coordinator:

  • 5. Student Activities Coordinator:

  • 6. Student Support Services Specialist:

  • 7. Diversity and Inclusion Specialist:

  • 8. Student Conduct Officer:

  • 9. Health and Wellness Coordinator:


Sr.No. Name of Teacher Designation Qualification Attachment
1 Dr. M.K.Kadam Assistant Professor & Student Development Officer MA, SET, Ph.D.
2 Dr. Vijaya S. Patil Asoc. Professor & Women-Student Development Officer MA, M.Phil. Ph.D.
3 Dr. R. R. Deore Assistant Professor & Assit.Student Development Officer MA, M.Phil, NET, Ph.D.