The Computer Science laboratory is equipped with modern computers and software tools required for programming, data analysis, and simulations. Students can apply theoretical concepts of computer science and gain practical experience in coding, algorithm development, database management, and networking. The laboratory also facilitates collaborative learning and encourages students to work on innovative projects. It contains a well-furnished infrastructure with Smart Board and LCD Projector.


The language laboratory at G.T. Patil College is a dedicated facility designed to enhance language learning and communication skills among students. Here is some information about the language laboratory. The language laboratory is equipped with modern audio-visual aids and computer-based tools to facilitate effective language learning. It typically consists of individual workstations for students, each equipped with headphones, microphones, multimedia systems with ETNL Software. The Lab. contains advance desktops, Headphones, LCD projector and a smart board for proper functioning of visual effects on language learners. The Department of English runs a Certificate Course in English Communication Skills where the participating students are exposed to different language skills and they are benefitted to personal growth.


The Commerce Laboratory of G.T. Patil College is a specialized facility designed to provide practical training and hands-on experience to students pursuing commerce-related courses. It serves as a hub for learning, experimentation, and application of concepts related to various fields of commerce. The Commerce Laboratory is equipped with modern technology and resources to facilitate effective learning experiences. The laboratory is equipped with a sufficient number of computers with internet connectivity. These computers are installed with relevant software, such as accounting software, statistical analysis tools, and spreadsheet applications, to enable students to analyze and interpret data effectively. The Department of Commerce runs Certificate course in Research Methodology where participating students are benefitted to new techniques and methods of research in commerce as it is a university recognized research centre by KBC NMU, Jalgaon.