Department of Political Science

Introduction :
The Department of Political Science was established in 1964. The department facilities B.A. The Motto of the department is not only to impart bookish knowledge in day to day life, but to provide political scenario for the students to understand the political condition of the country. The Alumni of the department are serving as a lawyer, politicians, teachers, polices, journalists and social workers.

  1. • To develop interest for political science among the students.

  2. • To study India’s diversity in terms of social, economic, political and cultural system and the process of democratization, the role of political parties and pressure groups, the initiatives at encouraging grass roots democracy.

  3. • To study the Indian federal structure in context of the constitutional frame work

  4. • To introduce students with knowledge of Indian government system and constitution.

  5. • To develop political conscience among the students.

  6. • To introduce student to various political thought and political system.

  7. • To prepare students for competitive exam with help of the subject.

  1. • The Department has majority of students from tribal background. They are very sincere and honest. The Department organizes various activities such as social activities, visits to local bodies and Vidhansabha of Maharashtra, etc.

  2. • It offers students to have the first-hand experience. The process of experiential learning includes an annual field visits to the Parliament of India and other important places.

  3. • At regular intervals guest lectures are arranged to have the best interaction and to make the subject more practical. Newspaper reading is a regular affair to keep the students updated in current affairs.

  4. • Besides in order to enhance the practical knowledge, activities like youth parliament, mock election and panel discussion forums are organized.

  • • Administrative field in the state Government and Centre Government.

  • • Research

  • • Journalism

  • • Electronic and print media.

  • • Teaching


Sr.No. Name of Teacher Designation Qualification Attachment
1 Mr.D.M.Suplekar Head and Assistant Professor M.A,M.PHIL,SET
2 Dr.M.S.Waghmare Assistant Professor M.A, M.PHIL, NET/JRF, Ph.D , B.J.