Department of Geography

Introduction :
• The Department of Geography, NTVS’s G.T Patil Arts, Commerce and science College Nandurbar, was established in1964. Presently, Prof .F.R. Kahndekar is head of this department. It offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programs specializing in Economic Geography. The trust areas identified for research and teaching in the department are: Population geography, settlement Geography, Agricultural Geography, Remote sensing and GIS application. At present department has four faculties namely Prof F.R khandekar, Dr. A.R.Bhuyar, Prof.M.B.Patil and Dr.R.R. Deore are involved in some interdisciplinary research projects and consultancy at national and international level besides quality teaching. Our department offers interdisciplinary and professional course such as postgraduate. The Indian Institute Remote Sensing,(IIRS) Dehradhun has selected our department for imparting the different Outreach Program in remote sensing and GIS through EDUSAT programme. The department has well equipped cartographic, surveying and computer laboratories.

  1. • To provide students with knowledge about the world’s peoples, nations, cultural environments and spatial organization.

  2. • To provide students with knowledge about the world’s peoples, nations, cultural environments and spatial organization.

  3. • To Promote the study and research activities in different branches for the subject.

  4. • To provide students with a good grounding in the modern technical skills of the discipline, including computer cartography, spatial analysis, spatially oriented quantitative methods and techniques and geographic information systems.

  5. • To educate the masses for proper use. Reuse of Natural and Human resources

  1. • To provide an opportunity for individuals to learn Remote Sensing and Geoinformation Science for the benefit of their professional career, by joining the Outreach Program of the Indian Institute Remote Sensing, IIRS-ISRO Dehradun through our institute.

  2. • Providing supervision and mentorship to students pursuing doctoral research in Geography.

  3. • Conducting research projects for MSc Part II in Physical and human geography groups and it’s related to sub-fields.

  4. • Programs like Welcoming Freshers, Farewell, Alumni meet, etc. are organized in every academic year.

  5. • Conduct Poster presentations and Model Competitions on the occasion of Geography Day, World Ozone Day, and World Environment day.

  6. • The Department has organized an Excursion trip to different places as part of compulsory course of S.Y.B.A/T.Y.B.A and S.Y.B.Sc student.

  7. • Department also organize Seminars, Student level seminar, Popular Talk, Carrier guidance programs, field trips etc. regularly.

  8. • Faculty members of the Department use blended mode in teaching learning process with the help of different modern techniques of teaching i.e. PPT., Google Class Room, You-Tube, Zoom, Google Meet etc.

  • • Department of Geography (Postgraduate & Research Centre): Four full-time faculties are recognized as P.G. Teachers and Two Research Guides by K.B.C.N.M. University, Jalgaon.

  • • Active engagement in confidential assignments of the University

  • • Currently, Two students are pursuing their Doctoral research in the department.

  • • One research project is ongoing and funded by KBCNMU, Jalgaon under the VCRMS scheme with a grant of 1.50 Lakhs.

  • • The career path you choose may depend on whether you have studied physical geography or human geography.

  • • Careers in cartography involve developing and producing different types of maps, as well as producing related diagrams, charts, spreadsheets and travel guides.

  • • Geographical information systems officers carry out the gathering and examination of geographical data generated by GIS

  • • Getting into these careers may rely on having the appropriate skills from the modules you choose, so think about this when choosing subjects throughout your degree.- Climate Change Analyst, Climatologist, Geospatial analyst, GIS specialist, Hydrologist Location analyst ,Meteorologist ,Pollution Analyst, Remote Sensing Analyst, ,Soil Conservationist ,Surveyor, Town planner, Water conservation officer, Emergency Management Specialist, Geomorphologies.


Sr.No. Name of Teacher Designation Qualification Attachment
1 Prof. F. R. Khandekar Asst. Prof. and Head MA, NET.
2 Dr A.R. Bhuyar Assistant Professor MA, NET., M.Phil., Ph.D
3 Prof. M. B. Patil Assistant Professor MA, NET,
2 Dr. R. R. Deore Assistant Professor MA, NET., M.Phil., Ph.D