Curricular Aspects

The Curricular Aspects are the mainstay of any educational institution. However, the responsibilities of HEIs in this regard are determined by administrative standing. That is, an Affiliated College is essentially a teaching unit which depends on a larger body namely university for legitimizing its academic and administrative processes. Its engagement with curricular aspects is mainly in their implementation while its participation in curriculum development, procedural detailing, assessment procedures as well as certification is peripheral, and these are “givens’’. Whereas a University has the mandate to visualize appropriate curricula for particular programmes, revise/update them periodically; ensure that the outcomes of its programmes are defined by its bodies.
Criterion I pertains to the practices of HEI in initiating a wide range of programme options and courses that are in tune with the emerging national and global trends and relevant to the local needs. Apart from issues of diversity and academic flexibility, aspects on career orientation, multi-skill development, feedback system and involvement of stakeholders in curriculum updating are also gauged.