Department of Zoology

The Research and PG Department of Zoology in N.T.V.S’s G.T.Patil Arts, Commerce and Science College, Nandurbar was started on 15th June 1969. It started T.Y.B.Sc Zoology in 1973-74 and M.Sc Zoology was started in June 1989 to 2001. There was a gap of one decade due to unavailability of sufficient number of students. However department restarted P.G. in 2013-14 to till date.

Former And Current Head Of Department of Zoology
Sr.No. Name Of Faculty Qualification Duration
1 Dr.M.R.Wadgama M.Sc.,Ph.D 01/06/1969-28/02/ 1999
2 Dr.G.K.Gosavi M.Sc.,Ph.D 01/03/1999-28/02/2005
3 Dr.K.M.Shareef M.Sc.,Ph.D 01/03/2005-30/06/ 2017
4 Dr.(Mrs.)S.K.Shareef M.Sc.,Ph.D 01/07/2017-30/06/ 2018
5 Dr.G.H.Balde M.Sc.,M.Phil,Ph.D 01/07/2018-Till Date
  1. • Provide students with a solid foundation in the principles and concepts of zoology

  2. • Foster a curiosity and passion for the study of animals and their behavior.

  3. • To promote an understanding of the ecological importance of animals and their interrelationships within tribal communities and enhance tribal people's knowledge of traditional uses of animals for food, medicine, and cultural practices.

  4. • Prepare students for further studies or careers in zoology, conservation, or related fields.

  5. • Support students in developing effective communication skills to convey scientific information about animals to diverse audiences.

  6. • Develop students' practical skills in fieldwork, data collection, and analysis techniques relevant to zoological research.

  7. • Departmental staff continuously taking efforts to sanction grants and fundings form different Govt. and Non Govt. agencies for research and publish findings in reputable scientific journals and present research at conferences to contribute to the scientific community's knowledge base.

  1. • Field trips: Organize field trips to local zoos, wildlife sanctuaries, or natural habitats to observe and study animals in their natural environments.

  2. • Lab experiments: Conduct hands-on laboratory experiments that allow students to explore concepts such as animal behavior, physiology, taxonomy, and ecology.

  3. • Guest lectures: Invite guest speakers, such as renowned zoologists or wildlife conservationists, to deliver talks on their research, experiences, and the importance of zoology in various fields.

  4. • Research projects: Encourage PG as well as UG students to undertake small research projects individually to develop their scientific knowledge and social approach for deepen their understanding of zoology.

  5. • Prepared Students for presentations and discussions: Encourage students to prepare presentations on specific topics in zoology and lead discussions within the department. This promotes research, critical thinking, and effective communication skills.

  • • The department of Zoology is one of the well-recognized department which proven its strength in academics. The students of department of Zoology have secured six medals and secured University Ranks in last Six Years.

  • • Two faculty members received VCRMS Projects

  • • All faculty members have published Patents in last two Years

  • • Teaching staff have remarkable publications and book writings based on university curriculum.

  • • Department have successfully initiated Vermi-culture and Apiculture.

  • • Government Jobs-

  • • Research Officer, Forest Officer, Project Manager, Laboratory Assistant, Information Officer, Indian Forest Services, Ministry of Environment Forest and Climate Change, National Dairy Research Institute (NDRI), Zoological Survey of India, Wildlife Organisations, Institute of Advanced Study in Science & Technology (IASST), State Biodiversity Boards, Animal nutritionist, wildlife Photographer and animator.

  • • After Earning Ph.D. or NET-JRF and SET settled as Asst. Prof. or Scientist.

  • • Private Jobs and entreprenuer-
    Medical Representatives of reputed pharmacy companies, Ornamental fish shops, dairy products, apiarist, vermiculture expert, Pearl culturist, crab and prawn culturist, poultry and related products, personal animal nutritionist, private coaching tutor.


Sr.No. Name of Teacher Designation Qualification Attachment
1 Dr. G. H. Balde Head M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.
2 Dr. D. S. Patil Assistant Professor M.Sc., SET., Ph.D.
3 Mr. J. C. Patil Assistant Professor M.Sc., SET. Ph.D. (Pursuing)
4 Mr. S. R. Badgujar Assistant Professor M.Sc., SET. Ph.D. (Pursuing)