G. T. Patil College, as the pioneering institute of Nandurbar Taluka Vidhayak Samiti, plays a vital role in fulfilling the institute's mission to serve tribal and rural communities. It goes beyond imparting education by actively engaging in numerous social service activities in Nandurbar city. The college's commitment to its mission is exemplified through its holistic approach. By combining educational initiatives with social service endeavours, G. T. Patil College recognizes that addressing the broader needs of the tribal and rural populations is crucial for their overall development and empowerment. This comprehensive strategy sets the college apart and reinforces its dedication to making a positive impact in the lives of those it serves. Through its educational institutions, Our Institute is ensuring that individuals from marginalized backgrounds have equal opportunities to pursue advanced education. By establishing degree programs, postgraduate courses, and additional colleges, the institution is actively bridging the gap and making higher education more accessible to all.

Prof. Dr. M. J. Raghuwanshi Principal