Nandurbar Taluka Vidhayak Samiti’s Gajmal Tulshiram Patil college was established in June 1964. In the year 1974 college library was supported by UGC grants.  Separate building for the library was built up by the fund from UGC grant.

The college library has 76000 books in all of Rs. 53,00,000.00 at the end of academic year 2013.  In library there are Encyclopedias, Reference, Religious and other story books are near about 10,000.  The college regularly subscribes Journals, magazines and periodicals about 103 and News papers are 10. The library also provides a separate reference section with number of books.   It facilitate the teachers, post graduate and regular students M. Phil & Ph.D. scholars for project work and recent innovative details.  The library opens from 7.30 am to 6.00 pm an all working days from Monday to Friday and 7.30 am. To 3.00 on Saturday. To provide the students with congenial atmosphere for preparing well for the annual exam.  The library schedule is kept changed every year from 15 February onwards.  The scheduled from 15th Feb to end of annual examination the library is kept open daily from 7.30 am to 12.00 am (Night) & including Saturday, Sunday.

It is an oldest and well equipped library with all types of ample books.  This library contains Encyclopedias and concern subjects so also books on theology and miscellaneous type.  This is a central library of N.T.V.S. Institution   providing sufficient reading facilities to other concerned educational institutions. N.T.V.S. Institution has 7 colleges & 58 high schools.
The library building was inaugurated by world renounced hon. Prime Minister Smt. Indiraji Gandhi on 5th December 1987.  Under the president ship of Barrister A. R. Antule, chief minister of Maharashtra. The library has been visited by well known personalities thereafter.
Dr.Vinod H. Raghuvanshi (Librarian)
M.Lib., M. Phil.,Ph.D






Tuesday the 28th. NTVS's G. T. Patil Arts, Commerce & Science College, NANDURBAR
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