Department of Marathi

1 Dr.P.A.Bhamare Asso.Prof. HOD, Guide M.A.,B.Ed,M.Phil.,Ph.D.,NET,SET
2 Dr.V.S.Patil Asso.Prof.   M.A.,M.Phil.
3 Smt.S.V.Gosavi Asso.Prof.   M.A.,B.Ed.
4 S.P.Pawar Assist.Prof.   M.A.,B.Ed.NET
5 Dr.M.K.Kadam Assist.Prof.   M.A.,B.Ed.NET., Ph.D.
Department of Hindi
1 Dr.G.H.Mahajan Asso.Prof. HOD, Guide M.A.,M.Phil,Ph.D.
2 Dr.A.M.Pawar Assist.Prof.   M.A.,Ph.D.
3 Dr.M.J.Raghuwanshi Assist.Prof. Vice-Prin., Guide,      M.A.,Ph.D.
4 S.K.Thakare Assist.Prof.   M.A.
5 Dr.G.S.Thakare Assist.Prof.   M.A.,Ph.D.
Department of English
1 B.K.Mahale Asso.Prof.   M.A.,M.Phil.
2 N.N.Marathe Asso.Prof.   M.A.
3 D.D.Girase Assist.Prof.  HOD M.A.,SET.
4 P.B.Patil Assist.Prof.   M.A.M.ed.P.G.  Deploma (Linguistics)
5 D.B.Deore Assist.Prof.   M.A.M.Phil.,NET
6 A.D.Akhade Assist.Prof.   M.A.,NET
Department of History
1 Dr.A.S.Desale Asso.Prof. HOD, Guide M.A.,Ph.D.
2 B.H.Samudre Assist.Prof.   M.A.,
3 V.G.Somkuvar Assist.Prof.   M.A.,NET
4 N.B.Shende Assist.Prof.   M.A.,SET.
Department of Economics
1 Dr.D.G.Patil Asso.Prof. HOD, Guide M.A.,M.Phil.,Ph.D.
2 S.U.Patil Asso.Prof.   M.A.
3 Dr.D.R.Jagtap Assist.Prof.   M.A.,M.Phil.,B.Ed.,Ph.D.
4 A.K.Jagtap Assist.Prof   M.A.,SET
5 Dr.S.B.Wayse Assist.Prof  Guide M.A.,SET.,Ph.D.
Department of Psychology
1 K.U.Joshi Asso.Prof. HOD, M.A.
2 S.R.Surye Assist.Prof.   M.A., SET
     Department of Defence Studies
1 Dr. V. Y. Jadhav Asso. Prof HOD, Guide M.A, Ph.D.
2 R. P. Meghe Asso. Prof   M.A, NET
Department of Political Science
1 D. M. Suplekar Asso. Prof HOD M.A, M.Phil.


1 M.S.Giram Asso.Prof.   M.Com.,DHE
2 R.D.Marathe Asso.Prof.   M.Com.,DHE
3 R.N.Girase Asso.Prof.   M.Com.,M.Phil
4 V.M.Ahirao Asso.Prof.  HOD M.Com.,M.Phil
5 S.T.Moravkar Asso.Prof.   M.Com.,M.Phil
6 V.I.Girase Asso.Prof.   M.Com.,M.Phil
7 A.S.Khivsara Asso.Prof.   M.Com.,M.Phil
8 K.B.Girase Asso.Prof.   M.Com.
9 W.S.Chitte Asso.Prof.   M.Com.,L.L.M
10 K.S.Sharma Asso.Prof.   C.A.
11 Dr.N.B.Gosavi Asso.Prof. Guide M.Com.,Ph.D.


Department of Chemistry
1 Prof. Dr.V.S.Shrivastava Professor Principal, Guide M.Sc.,Ph.D.,Post Doct. (S.America)
2 G.S.Jadhav Asso.Prof.   M.Sc.,M.Phil.
3 Dr.C.P.Sawant Asso.Prof. HOD (I/C), Guide M.Sc.,Ph.D.
4 P.S.Patil Assist.Prof.   M.Sc.,SET.
5 M.R.Patil Assist.Prof.   M.Sc.,SET.
6 S.P.Patil Assist.Prof.   M.Sc.,NET.
Department of Geography
1 K.D.Patil Asso.Prof.  HOD M.A.,M.Phil.,B.Ed.
2 N.S.Pawar Asso.Prof.   M.A.,M.Phil.
3 S.D.Borse Asso.Prof.   M.A.,M.Phil.,B.Ed.
4 F.R.Khandekar Assist.Prof.   M.A.,NET
5 A.R.Bhuyar Assist.Prof.   M.A.,M.Phil.,B.Ed.,NET
Department of Physics
1 A.Y.Sonavane Asso.Prof. HOD M.Sc.,M.Phil.,DHE
2 Dr.S.V.Bhavsar Asso.Prof.   M.Sc.,M.Phil.,Ph.D.
Department of Electronics
1 Dr.R.R.Kasar Asso.Prof. Vice-Prin. M.Sc.,Ph.D.
2 G.B.Gujar Asso.Prof.   M.Sc.,M.Phil
3 D.B.Patil Asso.Prof.  HOD M.Sc.,M.Phil
Department of Botany
1 A.R.Sutar Asso.Prof. HOD M.Sc.,M.Phil.
2 B.B.Mangale Asso.Prof.   M.Sc.,M.Phil.
3 Dr.Premkumar Gautam Assist.Prof.  Guide M.Sc.,Ph.D.
4 Dr.Samira Ahmad Assist.Prof.   M.Sc.,Ph.D.
Department of Zoology
1 Dr.Khalid M.Sharif Asso.Prof. HOD M.Sc.,Ph.D.
2 Mrs.Dr.Shakira K.Sharif Asso.Prof.   M.Sc.,Ph.D.
3 Dr.G.H.Balde Assist.Prof.   M.Sc.,M.Phil.,Ph.D.
Department of Maths
1 S.K.Chaudhari Asso.Prof. HOD, M.Sc.
2 S.T.Patil Asso.Prof.   M.Sc.
3 Mrs. S.B.Pimpare Assist.Prof.   M.Sc.,M.Phil.,SET.
Department of Computer Science
1 S.V.Mishra Temp.Lect. HOD M.Sc.,(IT), MCM,M.Com.,  Comp.
2 Nilesh Chauhan Temp.Lect.   M.Sc.,Comp.
3 J.V.Sonar Temp.Lect.   M.Sc.,Comp.
4 Miss.Harsha Patel Temp.Lect.   M.Sc.,Comp.
Department of Microbiology
1 Nitin Mandalik Temp.Lect.,HOD   M.Sc.
2 Eknath Hiranwale  Temp.Lect.    M.Sc.


1 Mr.S.D.Ghate (I/C)   MA/M.P.Ed
Monday the 14th. NTVS's G. T. Patil Arts, Commerce & Science College, NANDURBAR
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