Department of Marathi

1 Dr.P.A.Bhamare Asso.Prof. HOD, Guide M.A.,B.Ed,M.Phil.,Ph.D.,NET,SET
2 Dr.V.S.Patil Asso.Prof.   M.A.,M.Phil.
3 S.P.Pawar Assist.Prof.   M.A.,B.Ed.NET
4 Dr.M.K.Kadam Assist.Prof.   M.A.,B.Ed.NET., Ph.D.
Department of Hindi
1 Dr.M.J.Raghuwanshi Assos.Prof. Principal     M.A.,Ph.D.
2 Dr.A.M.Pawar Assos.Prof.   M.A.,Ph.D.
3 Dr.G.S.Thakare Assist.Prof.   M.A.,Ph.D.
4 S.K.Thakare Assist.Prof.   M.A.
5 Dr.Vasim Makrani Assist.Prof.    M.A.,Ph.D.
Department of English
1 Dr.D.D.Girase Professor  HOD M.A.,Ph.D.,SET
2 B.K.Mahale Asso.Prof.   M.A.,M.Phil.
3 N.N.Marathe Asso.Prof.   M.A.
4 A.D.Akhade Assist.Prof.   M.A.,NET
5 D.B.Deore Assist.Prof.   M.A.M.Phil.,NET
6 Dr.V.Z.Chaudhari Assist. Prof.   M.A.,Ph.D.
Department of History
1 Dr.V.G.Somkuvar Assist.Prof.   M.A.,Ph.D.,NET
2 B.H.Samudre Assist.Prof.   M.A.,
3 N.B.Shende Assist.Prof.   M.A.,SET.
Department of Economics
1 Dr.D.R.Jagtap Professor   M.Com.,M.Phil.,B.Ed.,Ph.D.
2 S.U.Patil Asso.Prof.   M.A.
3 Dr.S.B.Wayse Asso.Prof  Guide M.A.,SET.,Ph.D.
Department of Psychology
1 Dr.S.R.Surye Assist.Prof.   M.A.,Ph.D.,SET
2 Dr.S.U.Ahire Assist.Prof.   M.A.,Ph.D.
     Department of Defence Studies
1 Dr.R.P.Meghe Asso. Prof   M.A.,Ph.D.,NET
2 Dr.Upendra Dhagdhage Assist.Prof.   M.A.,Ph.D.
Department of Political Science
1 D.M.Suplekar Assist. Prof HOD M.A, M.Phil.,NET


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1 Dr.Swapnil V. Mishra  Assist.Prof.  HOD  M.Com. PhD , SET , MCM


Department of Chemistry
1 Dr.P.S.Patil Assist.Prof.   M.Sc.,Ph.D.,SET.
2 Dr.M.R.Patil Assist.Prof.   M.Sc.,Ph.D.,SET.
3 Dr.S.P.Patil Assist.Prof.   M.Sc.,Ph.D.,NET.
4 Dr.Gaurav Gupta Assist.Prof.   M.Sc.,Ph.D.
5 Dr.Yogesh Marathe Assist.Prof.   M.Sc.,Ph.D.
Department of Geography
1 F.R.Khandekar Assist.Prof.   M.A.,NET
2 Dr.A.R.Bhuyar Assist.Prof.   M.A.,M.Phil.,Ph.D.,B.Ed.,NET
3 M.B.Patil Assist.Prof.   M.A.,NET
4 Dr.R.R.Deore Assist.Prof.   M.A.,Ph.D.
Department of Physics
1 Dr.Nanasaheb P. Huse Assist.Prof. HOD M.Sc. NET, SET, Ph.D.
2 Dr.Anil N. Kulkarni Assist.Prof.   M.Sc. Ph.D.
3 Mr.Bhushan B. Chaudhari Assist.Prof.   M.Sc. NET. B.Ed.
Department of Electronics
1 Dr.R.R.Kasar Asso.Prof. Vice-Prin. M.Sc.,Ph.D.
2 G.B.Gujar Asso.Prof.   M.Sc.,M.Phil
3 D.B.Patil Asso.Prof.  HOD M.Sc.,M.Phil
Department of Botany
1 Dr.P.K.Gautam Assist.Prof.  Guide M.Sc.,Ph.D.
2 Dr.Smt.S.A.Ahmad Assist.Prof.   M.Sc.,Ph.D.
3 Smt.Jayashri Nayaka Assist.Prof.   M.Sc.,NET
Department of Zoology
1 Dr.G.H.Balde Assist.Prof.   M.Sc.,M.Phil.,Ph.D.
2 Dr.D.S.Patil Assist.Prof.   M.Sc.,Ph.D.
3 J.C.Patil Assist.Prof.   M.Sc.,NET
4 Sandip Badgujar Assist.Prof.   M.Sc.,NET
Department of Maths
1 Smt.S.B.Pimpare Assist.Prof.   M.Sc.,M.Phil.,SET.
2 L.K.Pardeshi Assist.Prof.   M.Sc.,NET


1 Dr.T.L.Das   M.A.,Ph.D.


1 Dr.V.H. Raghuwanshi Librarian   MLISc,M.Phil,Ph.D.
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